Sipping tea

Sipping my tea in the late morning helps me ritualize my practice of mindfulness. I begin with three breaths. The first, to experience and breathe in the warm steam. The second, to savor the moment–to define the present moment experience for today. Just today. The third, is to set my mind intentionally on God.

Quickly, I feel that I have created a sacred space– amidst my boys’ sounds of playing in the background, the looming to-do’s of the day, the emails unread in my inboxes.  The practice slows me down as I savor the flavor, warmth and smells of my tea.

I am fascinated by mindfulness practice because it is so practical, accessible, and yet steeped in ancient traditions. Mindfulness comes from Buddhist religious philosophy, which have become popularized and promoted as tools of self-help as well as a serious and effective tool to fight mental health issues like depression, anxiety and trauma.  Mindfulness is also steeped in the faith of my identity, the Christian faith.

Mindfulness renews my mind, relaxes my impulses, expands my capacity to think, feel and care.

These are all gifts from above, and helps me recall and reconnect with the God who does not change like shifting shadows. Like the tea heating up my mug, the warmth of His hands embrace me, each day and every morning.

May you feel His warm embrace as you sip yours today…teaphoto

Author: regimadi

I'm an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Azusa Pacific University, an avid tea sipper and researcher on mindfulness.

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