Being in God’s presence

Being is a concept in mindfulness that draws from Buddhist thought, particularly in the Mahayana tradition, whereby the person who is mindful, is not simply going through the motions of a practice, but is in full awareness of their personhood.

Being is therefore a lifestyle change and mindfulness is not a meditation that is focused on the self in a goal-oriented way, but submits to the truths contained in Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths.

Christians would say that the concept of being originates in the triune God. God is the great I AM who was at the beginning, is present with us now, and will be forever into eternity. Being is focused on God and understanding the power of God’s love in every aspect of our lives.

If we also believe that God  is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, then the power of His presence is something that Christians can trust and believe.

God knows the troubles, the cares and responsibilities we have and hold. So we can hold our attention to Him in our lives. He is with us, we just need to be aware and pay close attention to Him.

Try something today. Sit in a comfortable position, in a posture that respects the imago dei with eyes closed and then take three deep breaths in and out.

While breathing deeply and with full awareness of your breath, imagine for a moment that God is present with you now… Perhaps His hand is on your shoulder as you give your thoughts over to Him. Perhaps you are resting your head on His shoulder as you heave your stresses and worries over to him, like big weighted dumbbells that fall into His lap.

Perhaps you can picture your breath as a big puff of air entering your body. Receive it as a a gift of life, given to you by the divine. Picture the Christ, with soft eyes, looking at you, piercing your heart with radical acceptance of who you are, just as you are.

Breathe in deeply again.

Continue to use your breath as an anchoring point to remind you of his presence in your life. In your joy, your pain, your deep sorrow, your sense of pride and accomplishment. God is present at every turn so simply being means that you.

If you want to learn more about what it means to be a Christian practicing mindfulness, check out Dr. Roger Olson’s patheos blog.





Author: regimadi

I'm an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Azusa Pacific University, an avid tea sipper and researcher on mindfulness.

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